E-Sign Notice

Electronic Communications Consent

E-Sign Notice


This E-Sign Notice Disclosure asks for your consent in order for State Collection Service, Inc. (“SCSI”) to provide you with communications and records in electronic form rather than in paper form.  If you have any questions about receiving information in electronic form, please contact us at 800-231-1028


You may withdraw your consent by specifying which consent you are withdrawing (email, text, etc.).  You may do so by replying to the email you will receive upon clicking the proceed button below, sending a written request to SCSI at State Collection Service, Inc. 2509 South Stoughton Road Madison, WI 53716 or by calling our office at 800-231-1028 during our regular business hours.  You are not charged a fee to withdraw your consent.


The legal validity and enforceability of prior electronic transactions and services will not be affected if you withdraw your consent.


There are certain hardware and software requirements for you to be able to access or retain the above stated electronic records (“Electronic Records”). Your device requirements are as follows:

Must have an active email address.

●      An Internet Service Provider selected by you.

●      Internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled.

●      A computer/tablet/mobile device with an operating system capable of supporting the above.

●      Adobe Acrobat Reader. For a free copy of Adobe Reader, go to www.adobe.com.

●      A personal computer/tablet/mobile device, operating system and telecommunications connections to the internet capable of receiving, accessing, displaying, and either printing or storing, communications received in electronic form from us.


You are responsible for configuring your device to accommodate the above requirements and keeping your email address current with us. To notify us of a change in your email address or telephone number(s), please contact us at 800-231-1028 or visit our website at https://www.statecollectionservice.com/contact-us/


By providing your information utilizing this website, you acknowledge you have received and agree to these E-Sign Disclosures, Terms and Conditions and User Agreement.  You may also request a paper copy by contacting our office. You further consent to receive additional electronic communications from SCSI.


Last updated at: Nov 11th 2022

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